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09 April 2017

Armenian College & Philanthropic Academy Rules and Regulations for 1843 - Lost, Found and Finally Preserved.

Delving once more into my private family archive, I notice an interesting correlation between the Armenian College and La Martiniere School in Calcutta.

The school Rules & Regulations of La Martiniere were published in 1835 based on the Will of their founder, the late Major General Claude Martin.

The school Rules & Regulations of the Armenian College & Philanthropic Academy were published 8 years later in 1843. It can clearly be seen that some of the wording of the Armenian College Rules and Regulations were copied exactly from those of La Martiniere School. 

Here is a montage I have put together of the Rules & Regulations of both.

In addition to this, the second image is the Forward to the re-print of the Armenian College Rules & Regulations. It was written by M.D. Arathoon, who eloquently tells the story of how the original copy was lost and found. Mack Arathoon, was a strong and steadying figure in the Armenian community in Calcutta, and was also David Malkum Khan Arathoon's grandfather.