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09 March 2015

Armenian Refugees – Deaths at Sea 1922

I normally only post information on Armenians with an Indian/Asian connection.  However, quite by chance I have come across some deaths at sea of Armenian refugees in 1922. These records can be searched via To find them go to the A-Z of Records listing, look for “Deaths At Sea, 1781-1968”.

One particularly heart-breaking entry is of two week old Karakin Muan Kachik, born on board the ship “Akbar” and died on board the ship on the 14th January 1922 in Batoum Harbour. He only ever knew the swaying of the ship his parents never got to stand on solid ground with him.

Other entries show the place of birth of some of the refugees as Van, Basra, Bakuba, as well as other locations.

These are the entries I have been able to find there may well be more I hope they help fellow Armenian family history researchers with their own stories.

A full page of Armenian refugees

Irek Mampree
Kapriel Khodarverdy
Baghdassar Sarkesian
Yukso Martarucian
Agoop Agoopian
Andrias Khadarkram
A.M. Shaakh Tafer
H.S. Sarkhichkhawar
Almonst Jamkuchin
Arush Taniet
Anna Babjanian
Taboo Haratoun
Ismail Karapet
Karakin Muan Kachik
Asbadoor Haroochon
Shiranoos Agajaarian
Agavini Arminek
Oustian Poghos
Khuja Haziz
Zano Nerses
Goozal Galonstian
Merdin Karapet
Yeresa Sarkis
Saher Moorad
Thakoor Aratoon

Four entries of Armenian refugees


Cisseh Kaspar
Vartanoush Bado
Yetar Hamboyan
Vartanoush Keronian

Six entries of Armenian refugees

Porkalle Mamo [or Marno]
Anahit Khosroph
Aza Toolick Chochyla
Varsanikh Khachotoorian
Tharwach Manoo Sosem
Arshalos Korikor

Thirty five names. Not many in the great scheme of things but  I hope these records might just help someone.

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