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22 February 2018

Mrs Sonia John Reviewing Sir Catchick Paul Chater Album

I have uploaded on to Youtube a short video of Mrs. John reviewing some of my private archive, and in particular the unique one-off Sir Paul Chater photo album. Unaware I was filming her reflections,  the instantaneous reactions as she turns the pages are natural and utterly charming.

Mrs. John is the generous benefactor of the Sir Catchick Paul Chater bust that was unveiled in the grounds of La Martiniere Boys' School, Kolkata last year on the anniversary of his birth, 8th September. The project was initiated by the Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO, who oversaw all aspects of the creative stages of the bust. The school kindly hosted the well attended and lavish event. The occasion is a memory that will last for a long time.

Here is the link to the video for your interest.