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09 April 2019

1911 Census for Armenians in Calcutta

I always like discovering "new" snippets of information regarding Armenians in India. Recently, whilst browsing Alien documents at the NA Kew I found this small but important gem.

A British Government official confirming that there were 815 Armenians in Calcutta at the time of the British 1911 Census.

1911 Census for Armenians in Calcutta

Just take a moment. This has NEVER been released before. Analysis of the 1911 Census in India does not show Armenians as a separate group (unlike Parsi's who are listed separately) but rather they are part of the "Christian" group analysis.

This is a significant statistical find for the Armenian population of Calcutta and it is brought to your attention here first.

All I need to do now is find the actual Census returns, and we're laughing 😊