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31 March 2019

Armenians in Calcutta, True Population: Snapshot View of the Early 19th Century

Have you ever wondered about the number of Armenians who lived in Calcutta during the 19th century? 

Many people think it was actually more than just a few hundred. In fact it can be seen from these figures, that it really was only just a few hundred. 

Originally extracted from the Armenian Church Registers of the Holy Nazareth Church Calcutta, this snapshot gives a far more realistic picture of the Armenian minority community of the city. Compiled from the Statistics of the Colonies of the British Empire, 1839.

In 1814 there were 464 Armenians in Calcutta
In 1815 there were 480 Armenians in Calcutta
In 1836 there were 505 Armenians in Calcutta