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Friday, 28 February 2014

Jordan Martin: I Was A Spy For The British In Persia in 1915

One man's extraordinary story of loyalty and the incredibly long, painful and arduous claim for compensation.  Written in 1922 in his own hand with Armenian dignity yet immeasurable desperation. 

Jordan Martin, born in Shiraz, Persia in 1870 found circumstances dictated that he ended his days in Calcutta, India in the 1950s. Loyal and courageous in his unwaivering support of the British in Persia, he could not hide his disappointment and anxiety when he sought help but none came.  

Running for his life in Persia he recounts: "I covered myself in red dye and grew a beard, donning native clothing I managed to escape from Shiraz to Bushire where I continued to try and assist the British, not knowing what had become of my family and worse still with an execution order on my head...".  Read his story, written in his own words……



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