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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Extracted from Oriental Commerce: 1813

Merchants Resident in Calcutta.

The British merchants resident in Calcutta are a respectable and enterprising class of men, many of whom are possessed of large and independent fortunes, in the acquisition of which they have displayed those merchant talents, and that enterprising spirit, which are the characteristic of the British nation.  The following are the principal houses.

Alexander & Co                            Joseph Barretto & Co                                  Robert Campbell 
Campbell, Hook, & Co                   Mackintosh,Fullon, & Co                            William Hollings
Colvins, Bazett & Co                     Mathew & Co                                              John King 
De Verinne, Pere & Fils                 Palmer & Co                                               Stephen Laprimaudaye 
Downie, Crullenden & Co              Peter Lumsdain & Co                                  Robert Lawson 
Fairlie Fergusson & Co                  Reid Price & Co                                          John Mackenzie 
Francis & Gabriel Vrignon              James Scott & Co                                       James McTaggart 
Hogue Davidson & Co                   Sinclair,Inglis & Co                                      E.A. Roussac 
Johannes Sarkies & Co                
Charles Blaney

The Armenians are considered the most numerous body of foreign merchants in Calcutta; they carry on an extensive commerce with all parts of India and China, and are extremely diligent and attentive in business.  They are considered to have the most accurate information from other parts, of any body of merchants.  The principal houses are

Moses C. Arackel                            Simon Phanoos Bagram                             Narcis Johannes
Sarkies Johannes                            Abraham Avitmall                                       Aratoon Joseph Camell
Carrapit Chatoor                             Z.J. Shircore                                                 S & Petruse Carapiets
Car. Muckertich Morat                   Stephen Aratoon                                          J.M.Simeon.     

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