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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Conundrum That Is Indian Armenian Surnames

The genealogical nightmare that is Armenians.

Ter Carrapiet Ter Abraham Ter Carrapiet (yes, this is ONE person) had 3 brothers and a sister as well as 2 sons and a daughter.

Two of the brothers’ last names were Ter Carrapiet but one brother had the last name of Ter Abraham.

Ter Carrapiet Ter Abraham Ter Carrapiet’s two sons surnames were Ter Abraham.

But the most frustrating of this particular family naming convention has to be one of the brothers of Ter Carrapiet Ter Abraham Ter Carrapiet.  He was called Astwachatoor Ter Abraham Ter Carrapiet but  commonly known as Cason i.e. Astwachatoor Cason. One of his sons was named Cason Ter Abraham but commonly known as S.C. Seth (Where the heck did the name SETH come from?!). The other son was called Arratoon Cason Ter Abraham who was commonly called A.C. Seth.

Just when you think you’re getting your head around the name Carrapiet, they turn into the surname Seth and just when you think you’ve cracked the surname Seth there is double TER-ouble and you will probably have to start again!

This has to be one of the longest and complex naming strings that I have come across in the Armenians in India.

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