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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Legal Age for Armenian Marriage in India in 1850

I have come across this interesting snippet.

In “The Procedure of the Civil Courts of the East India Company in the Presidency of Fort William” by William MacPherson , Barrister at Law of the Inner Temple, Published in 1850, comes the following interesting extract.

“Male Armenians would probably be considered as of full age at eighteen.

The Vicar* of the Armenian Church at Calcutta, on being asked by the Sudder Court what was the age of legal majority in females under the Armenian law, and whether a minor wife was considered to be under the tutelage of her husband; replied that: “the age of majority with females is considered to be the age of marriage; and the age of marriage commences from the twelfth year. The wife either a minor or of full age, remains under the tutelage of her husband.” “

*In my calculations the Vicar referred to would be one of three possible Armenian priests at the time.
Rev. Barseigh Galstanian (Archpriest)
Rev. Martyrose Ter Hovakiamian or
Rev. Mackertich Ter C. Gregorian

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