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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sir Paul Chater: Remembered and Continually Acknowledged by La Martiniere School Kolkata

This is the commemoration stone of one of the new school blocks at La Martiniere school Kolkata in perpetual recognition of Sir Paul Chater's financial contribution which allowed the school to stay open in the 1920's and continues to flourish today. A second school block of the same type was also named after Claude Martin the founder of La Martiniere.

It is indeed a testament to La Martiniere School and each successive head master that they never allow the names of their founder and their benefactor to get lost in the annals of time. They appear PROUD to carry the Martin and Chater names on a daily basis in the school prayer. It is nice they have named one of their new school constructions after Sir Paul. It is here in the 1850's he attended and gained the education required to carry him through his pioneering and innovative career as a leading business figure in Hong Kong and South East Asia.

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